6 Best Super Cushioned Running Shoes For Marathon

With the amount of double cushions shoes everywhere, the trend of super cushioned running shoes has been exploded for a while. Start in 2010 with Hoka One One, the trend has been continued until today. But what are the most popular ones for super cushioned running shoes for this season? It’squite hard to tell with all of these release right? But no worries! We will give some recap about 6 best super cushioned running shoes for both marathon and fashion style.

  1. Altra Olympus 2.0

Even with all of the maximally cushioned on it sole, the shoe is very stable and quite light to wear. It has a zero drop feature platform like all of the other Altra’s shoes. Other than that the price of this shoe is $150 and could be bought in many store all over the world including online shipping.

  1. Nike Free RN Distance

This featherweight, sock like fit, and flexible shoe of Nike Free RN series finally adding something new for their Distance release. Adding copious amounts of midsole cushioning, this shoe is good for those who want to have a good arch for their running shoe. It is very well worth to have shoe with a price of $120! It’s quite cheap for a brand-name shoe, right?

  1. UnderArmour Fat Tire

One of the best super cushioned for both marathon and hiking. With a design copying a mountain bike trail it has layers of soft foam that is good for your long running. The new Michelin rubber compound is very useful for your flexible movements. With the price of  $150, I’d say this is a good choice for your running shoes starter!

  1. Brooks Transcend 2

The lighter version of the last one, featured with a very stable super cushioned underfoot. Other than that, this is one is much softer than the predecessor with beveled heel for a softer impact when you walk. With good and superb materials, this shoe priced over $170.

  1. Sketchers GoTrail 3

With a forefoot protection plate, GoTrail 3 comes back with more cushioned as it evolves. With a usual pattern for running shoes, GoTrail 3 is smoother and light to wear, making it comfortable to wear for a long run. This shoe price is over $110

  1. Lunar Tempo 2

Last but not least Lunar Tempo 2! Like its predecessor, Lunar tempo new series once again surprise us with its amazing mix of lightweight and super cushioning. The lunarian foam on the midsole/outsole gives you lot of softness and comfy protection for marathon or long running through the field. This shoe also has a good arch support to avoid many pains when you move. It is probably the best of all the list and cheaper as it cost only $100!

That is all the list of best super cushioned running shoes for marathon. Do the shoes on the list catch your interest? We hope it does, and we hope that by reading this you are not only interested to shop but also to do some running and outside sports! Keep living healthy and thank you for reading, have a good day!(MRF)