8 Tips for Looking Beautiful without Using Face Makeup

Even though makeup is an excellent ally to enhance natural beauty or disguise some details, it should not be an obligation on your day. Showing your face to nature is also valid, but if you still feel insecure without a basis or correction, see 8 tips for sure increase your self-esteem and make you more beautiful!

1. Keep skin clean

The first step of female beauty is skin care. Before disguising them with makeup, it is important to treat all problems that endanger the beauty of the dermis, such as excessive oily, acne and all kinds of defects. So the tip is to keep your face clean and hydrated, with products like micellar water or special soap to treat your skin type.

2. Bet on the power of Magic Blur

A big ally to disguise open pores, fine lines and control the oily properties of the skin without using makeup is Magic Blur, smoothing silicone skin. The formula penetrates to the finer dermis strains, leaving a smooth, dry and soft texture of the snapshot.

3. Change the base with colored sunscreen

If you still don’t feel confident about facing the world without foundation or concealer, the trick is to invest in sunscreen with color. The product does not block the pores and even gives the skin a light cover to disguise dark circles, pimples or spots, while moisturizing and protecting against ultraviolet radiation.

4. Arrange your eyebrows

His eyebrows are a face frame and it makes a lot of difference to make it neater when not wearing makeup. Shaving no cable but it can help lift your view, make you deeper and more awake. Invest in a special eyebrow brush and remember to always comb the thread to look smoother instantly.

5. Sleep 8 hours a day

This may seem ridiculous, but beauty sleep is also the key to staying perfect without the need for makeup. By sleeping a few hours, the skin looks tired, lacks vision, and of course scary dark circles; so make sure you always get the time needed for regenerating cells.

6. Perform facial massage

Leaving the skin with natural light is also another tip to look more beautiful without makeup. To achieve the effect that lights up and without color without makeup, it’s good to do facial massage every night before going to sleep. Habit, which can be integrated into hydration not only relaxes but also helps detoxify the face, contributes to lighter and less soft skin.

7. Invest in eyelashes

Other tricks that also help open the look and leave the face with a neat look are by highlighting the lashes, curling them with specific tools. Thus, the thread looks longer and bigger, giving a more feminine and smooth appearance without wearing makeup.

8. Use roll-on to remove dark circles

If you are one of those who always wake up with big eyes and well-marked circles, there are perfect products to combat this problem. This is not about concealer: it is roll-on for the eyes. The formula, combined with a metal ball applicator, helps to weaken imperfections instantly, oxygenate the area while refreshing and disinfecting it.