9 reasons to bet on this type of ceremony

More and more couples are involved in choosing an intimate marriage, putting aside pride and coexistence is almost “compelling” with people who barely know such a special day. Know the advantages.
Be the taste and personality of the bride, for financial reasons or simply because both want to share this data only with people who are really important in their lives – among other possible reasons – the number of couples choosing for intimate marriage has increased.
This does not mean that he broke away from his dream of marriage, because after all, this was one of the most extraordinary moments in his love story. Why Believe: Smaller marriages have advantages! What do you want to know?

1. Spend less money

Obviously this is the most obvious advantage. This does not mean that a simple and cheaper marriage is less fortunate than a 400-person relationship in a private castle in Italy. But it’s clear: If you invite less people will have less spending, especially in terms of contractor suppliers such as catering or the space itself, which may be smaller and all the other details that will make your wedding a very special day.

2. Simpler planning

Of course it will always be easier to arrange a small wedding. Apart from the fact inviting a small number of people means less work, getting the perfect space will also be easier, because sometimes it’s not always a place capable of hosting a large number of guests matching your dream wedding. By the way, the whole organization of marriage will be lighter and simpler, which helps avoid the stress that characterizes the life phase of the couple.

3. Can integrate several luxuries

It might seem contradictory: the idea is to save and we will bet on luxury? But the reality is that if you invite fewer people, if the space is smaller, they will get a smaller number of items needed for the big day (drinks, souvenirs, food, table center, etc.) for more luxurious details and with thus realizing a dream that can never come true with a large number of guests. This, incidentally, can be one of the reasons why many couples choose an intimate marriage.

4. This can further surprise your guests

Because you will spend less money, you may not be able to match the shocking details of your budget to your guests: bet on exotic food, present them with souvenirs and very personal wedding details. The reality is that you will have more time and resources to invest in a truly unforgettable wedding for those who choose to share with you this amazing day in your life.

5. Give greater intimacy

Intimate weddings – and being naturally smaller guest lists – couples will achieve greater intimacy and more time to hang out with each person who wants to have by your side to formalize his love. Only the people you love will be with you and have no worries about the formality you will feel with people you barely know. A familiar marriage is more comfortable and warm.

6. Will always tend to be more relaxed

In intimate weddings there is always less pressure and less stress. Because it will be surrounded by people who have great intimacy, most will not complain, criticize or judge, who know you well and know that you just want to have fun and make the most of the beginning of a love story and a new stage from one second life.

7. Will get more natural photos

Everything is intertwined. That is, if we talk about intimate, more personal and relaxed marriages, the more likely it is that photos will turn out to be more natural and real, even more funny and better witnesses of the good times you will spend with your loved ones on the day your big. Not to mention the help that doesn’t need to take photos with more than one hundred couples.

8. The story of your day will become more original

In an intimate marriage there will be no tendency to produce small groups, because in the end you will be able to rely on a group of cohesive people, who share memories and experiences with you and, most likely, with your face. And for that, the story of your day will be one, remembered with affection and emotion by people who have you in your heart.

9. You can honeymoon better

If you choose an intimate and smaller wedding, who knows you won’t be able to travel that you always dreamed of? Whether it’s a paradise destination, with lots of sun, sand and sea, or a trip to Norway fjords, what’s important here is to fulfill your dreams. A simpler celebration will give you the opportunity to spend very special and memorable moments with your husband in unforgettable places that you never thought you would ever meet.

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