Apple Cider Vinegar for Heartburn: Is It Effective?

Apple Cider Vinegar For Heartburn

Apple Cider Vinegar For Heartburn

Though heartburn isn’t harmful for human health but it can be very annoying. There are some home remedies you can take. Apple cider vinegar for heartburn can be very helpful.

What Kind of Cider Vinegar Is It?

Just like the name suggests, the cider vinegar is commonly produced from apples which have been crushed before. To convert the crushed apple into vinegar, yeast and bacteria should be added into it so the liquid of the fruit can be fermented. On the earlier steps, you will find out that apple solution is just like apple cider in harder form. It is because the alcohol exists in the liquid. After some more fermentation steps, the alcohol contained is turned to be vinegar. To help you get natural fermented apple, you can use both raw and organic apple.

The natural fermentation of apple will leave the “apple mother” behind.  This is a specific substance that looks like cobweb which can be easily found on the bottom part of cider vinegar from apple with natural fermentation. Unlike the natural one, the non – organic fermentation resulted from the pasteurization of apple vinegar. In the process of fermentation, the “apple mother” is not included. The apple vinegar made of raw apple is exceptionally high in protein. In addition, the acid substance you can find in the vinegar can help your body to fight against certain bacteria.

So, what is about apple cider vinegar for heartburn? The apple vinegar will help you much especially if the heartburn you are suffering is because of the amount of acid in your stomach which is too little. The apple vinegar can help you to increase the number of your stomach acid so it will reach normal amount.

How to Use Cider Vinegar Made of Apple to Relief Heartburn

To help you relief heartburn, you are recommended to consume one or two tablespoons of apple vinegar.  But just keep in mind to mix the vinegar with plain water first before you consume it. The mixture is aimed to avoid burning sensation that might be resulted by the acids substance exists in the apple vinegar.

Moreover, the water you use to dilute the vinegar is also very helpful to avoid the fluids damage your teeth’s enamel. It will be better if you use a straw when you consume the vinegar so that the teeth enamel could be protected. You are also suggested to add some honey on the mixture before you consume it. This is because of the apple solution taste which is sometimes too sour and sharp. The honey is very useful to help you to reduce the acid taste in your mouth so that you will feel more convenient when consume it.

Though the apple cider vinegar for heartburn is really effective, but there are some side effects that you might experience because of it include:

1.     Blood thinning

2.     Teeth erosion

3.     Irritation around throat

4.     Lowering potassium in your body.

5.     Aggravate ulcer symptoms.

6.    Contradictive with certain medical prescription such as medications for heart attacks, laxatives and diuretics.

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