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Get to Know What’s Good for Heartburn

What's Good For Heartburn

What’s Good For Heartburn

Heartburn is commonly easy to relief. But sometimes doctor’s prescription is needed. If you prefer to have home remedies, here is what’s good for heartburn that you need to know.

Why Choosing Home Remedies?

More studies conducted now to find the side effects of chemical medications for your health. In one side, the medicine can help you treat your disease but in the other side it often damages the other vital organs in your body. There are many cases occur in which the chemical medications that people take lead them to have another serious health problems. Thus, more people now turn their head into natural remedies.

So, what’s good for heartburn? Using medical herbal to treat heartburn is very practical and easy to do. Most of the natural ingredients are easy to find. You can even find them in your kitchen or your backyard garden. Moreover, if you have frequent acid reflux strikes, it will be very useful to keep the ingredients in your kitchen. Unlike the chemical medications often prescribed by your doctor, the natural materials are relatively safer and do not harmful side effects to your body.

Home Remedies for Heartburn Treatment

There are some natural ingredients can be used for treating your heartburn. Not only help you to relieve acid reflux but they are also very useful to optimize the work of your digestive system. The ingredients will also lower the pressure occur in your stomach.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The first natural material to help you reduce your acid reflux symptom is apple cider vinegar. You can easily find the products in store. Producing homemade apple vinegar is also possible and easy to do.

In treating the disease symptoms, you are suggested to pick up the one made of natural fermentation with organic and raw apple. This is because the natural fermentation will not remove the “mother of apple” in the fermentation process. You can easily find the “mother of apple” in the lowest part of the apple vinegar bottle. This is the one you can’t find in the non – natural apple fermentation, such as pasteurized apple cider vinegar. Take a quarter cup of water and then put 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in it. Drink the mixture for about 5 times to relief the pain.

  1. Lemon Juice

The second natural ingredient you can try is lemon juice. With 2 pH contained in the lemon juice, the material is much stronger in acid if compared to apple cider vinegar. The vitamin C contained in the juice is very useful to relief pain caused by heartburn. Pick up one organic lemon and make juice with it. Mix the juice with ¼ cup of plain water to reduce the sharp and sour taste of the lemon juice. You can also add honey in the mixture.

What’s good for heartburn will depend on your preference. Though the home remedies are considered better due to the fewer side effects caused, but you better see your doctor soon to get professional help if the symptoms do not relief after the natural treatment.

Does Milk Help Heartburn : How Effective Is It ?

Does Milk Help Heartburn

Does Milk Help Heartburn

All know that milk is not only healthy for human body, but it can also help people to relief some health problems. But does milk help heartburn? Does it effective?

Does Milk Help to Relief Heartburn?

Does milk help heartburn? Well, the answer of the question will rely on some things. People in the past tend to believe that heartburn can be relieved by consuming milk. But is it true? The answer is yes.

The reason is because that milk can work to cover your stomach and esophagus allows your digestive organs to have temporary relief of the acid reflux. But, though it can help you to relieve the heartburn, but it can only work for temporary period. The liquid cannot be used to remedy acid reflux for long term of period. Otherwise the milk you consume can make your heartburn symptoms become worse than before. There are some reasons why it could be happen. The first thing you should understand that heartburn can occur because of acid irritation in stomach and esophagus. When you swallow your food the LES (Lower Esophagus Sphincter) opens and then close again to help your stomach keeps the acids remain in their place. But when the work of LES reduces then the acid reflux happens.

The calcium, protein and reflux contain in the milk you consume can trigger the increasing of acid in your stomach. That will make your LES function is weaken so that acid reflux will occur. So, if you have chronic heartburn, you are suggested to not consume milk just before you go to bed. It will be better if you fast and eat nothing 2 or 3 hours before you go to sleep in order to lower stomach acid at night.  Not only milk, most dairy products can also contribute in the occurrence of acid reflux. This is true that in some cases, several dairy products such as yoghurt, buttermilk and kefir can help your body to increase good bacteria to help your digestive system. But, consuming milk should be avoided if you have worse heartburn symptoms.

How Can Milk Increase Acid Reflux?

There are some ways in which milk can increase the acid inside your stomach.

  1. Fatty food you consume can weaken the work of LES so that the acid reflux will increase in turn.
  2. Pressure that occurs in LES can led it to weaken and then stomach acid increases. Consuming a glass of milk can increase the volume of intake food which will cause the pressure on the LES.
  3. If you are intolerant with lactose, the milk you drink will add pressure on LES and the stomach acid will soon increase.
  4. Additional acid is needed to break some substances in milk, so that drinking the liquid will add more acid to your stomach.

So, does milk help heartburn? You will be the one to know about the answer. If you think that heartburn symptoms you suffer are light enough, the answer is yes. But if you think you have chronic symptoms of heartburn, then the answer should be “no.”

Apple Cider Vinegar for Heartburn: Is It Effective?

Apple Cider Vinegar For Heartburn

Apple Cider Vinegar For Heartburn

Though heartburn isn’t harmful for human health but it can be very annoying. There are some home remedies you can take. Apple cider vinegar for heartburn can be very helpful.

What Kind of Cider Vinegar Is It?

Just like the name suggests, the cider vinegar is commonly produced from apples which have been crushed before. To convert the crushed apple into vinegar, yeast and bacteria should be added into it so the liquid of the fruit can be fermented. On the earlier steps, you will find out that apple solution is just like apple cider in harder form. It is because the alcohol exists in the liquid. After some more fermentation steps, the alcohol contained is turned to be vinegar. To help you get natural fermented apple, you can use both raw and organic apple.

The natural fermentation of apple will leave the “apple mother” behind.  This is a specific substance that looks like cobweb which can be easily found on the bottom part of cider vinegar from apple with natural fermentation. Unlike the natural one, the non – organic fermentation resulted from the pasteurization of apple vinegar. In the process of fermentation, the “apple mother” is not included. The apple vinegar made of raw apple is exceptionally high in protein. In addition, the acid substance you can find in the vinegar can help your body to fight against certain bacteria.

So, what is about apple cider vinegar for heartburn? The apple vinegar will help you much especially if the heartburn you are suffering is because of the amount of acid in your stomach which is too little. The apple vinegar can help you to increase the number of your stomach acid so it will reach normal amount.

How to Use Cider Vinegar Made of Apple to Relief Heartburn

To help you relief heartburn, you are recommended to consume one or two tablespoons of apple vinegar.  But just keep in mind to mix the vinegar with plain water first before you consume it. The mixture is aimed to avoid burning sensation that might be resulted by the acids substance exists in the apple vinegar.

Moreover, the water you use to dilute the vinegar is also very helpful to avoid the fluids damage your teeth’s enamel. It will be better if you use a straw when you consume the vinegar so that the teeth enamel could be protected. You are also suggested to add some honey on the mixture before you consume it. This is because of the apple solution taste which is sometimes too sour and sharp. The honey is very useful to help you to reduce the acid taste in your mouth so that you will feel more convenient when consume it.

Though the apple cider vinegar for heartburn is really effective, but there are some side effects that you might experience because of it include:

1.     Blood thinning

2.     Teeth erosion

3.     Irritation around throat

4.     Lowering potassium in your body.

5.     Aggravate ulcer symptoms.

6.    Contradictive with certain medical prescription such as medications for heart attacks, laxatives and diuretics.

What Helps Heartburn: What You Can Do to Treat It

What Helps Heartburn

What Helps Heartburn

Heartburn is something common to happen. Though it’s mostly not dangerous but it can be harmful for your health. Find out more about what helps heartburn to recover fast here.

What Is Heartburn: Causes and Symptom

Heartburn is discomfort feeling along with burning sensation which commonly occurs in the upper part of your stomach. There are some common things that can cause heartburn to happen. Most of time it happens due to the increasing of stomach acid that is caused by certain foods you consume such as citrus fruits, alcohol, peppermint, onion, garlic, coffee and much more. People lifestyle such as lack of exercise, obesity, smoking and diet also contribute in the heartburn’s occurrence. This acid reflux can be happen to everyone from all ages. Occasional acid reflux is considered normal and harmless but the more frequent heartburn can indicate the more serious health problems that you might have. There are some symptoms that often come along with the acid reflux and the primary one is burning sensation you feel around your chest or throat. Sometimes, the sufferers will also feel pain that rises up to the jaw. Most of time, the sufferers will also experience foul, that is acid taste in mouth because of the increasing of stomach acid.

Simple Treatment for Acid Reflux Relief

So, what helps heartburn so that it can at least reduce the uncomfortable feeling because of that? Find the answer below.

1. Raising Your Head of the Bed

One thing you should know is that the gravity helps to keep your stomach acids remain in their place inside your stomach. In order to raise gravity on your bed, you can manage to raise the head of your bed. First of all, you can put blocks under your bedpost to help you raise your bed 6 up to 8 inches. Just keep in mind to not using pillow since it is less effective to reduce the acid flux symptoms.

2. Using Herbal

If you don’t like to consume medicine from doctor’s prescriptions, you can try to use herbal. There are some herbs that can help you to reduce the symptoms of heartburn such as chamomile, licorice, marshmallow and slippery elm. But make sure that you consult your doctor first before consuming one of the herbals to avoid any side effect might occur.

3. Consuming Chemical Medicine

Sometimes, the heartburn can recover by itself. But, if it is getting worse you can consult your doctor to get professional advice. Most of time, doctors will suggest you to take antacids. For some cases they will recommend you to take some other acid reducers such as ranitidine and famotidine. Acid blockers such as omeprazole are lansoprazole are also often prescribed by professional.

4. Losing Weight

Obesity is one of the causes of heartburn. So, if you have obesity and often experience acid reflux, the best thing you can do to reduce the symptoms is by losing your weight. Conducting a certain diet program is suggested for you. It will also better if you do more exercises to help you relief the symptoms.

What Does Heartburn Feel Like

What Does Heartburn Feel Like

What Does Heartburn Feel Like

Most people ever experience heartburn. It is a common disease with the feeling of discomfort around upper belly. What does heartburn feel like actually? And is it dangerous for health?

What Is Heartburn and What Does It Feel Like?

First of all, there is one thing you should keep in mind. Though the disease is called as heartburn but it actually doesn’t have anything to do at all with the heart. It is named that so may be due to the similar symptoms it shows that look like the ones occur in heart disease or heart attack. But, the fact the heartburn doesn’t occur on heart organ, but esophagus. This is a kind of tube that functions to connect your stomach and your throat.

So, what does the heartburn feel like? The disease can lead to the feeling of burning on the upper part of belly. The discomfort feeling also can occur on the area around your breastbone. Though in most cases the heartburn is not dangerous, but it can lead you to a more serious health problem if it is not treated well.

How long the heartburn will last? Well, how long the discomfort lasts will be different form one people to another. Sometimes, it will only last for some minutes but sometimes it will last for hours.

How Can Heartburn Happen and What Causes It?

Commonly, the heartburn can occur because there is a problem in the valve of your muscular which is sometimes called as LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter). The LES’s location is between your stomach and esophagus or under the rib cage. The LES has important function within your body. It keeps your stomach acid stay in its place that is inside your stomach. Normally, the food you eat will go into your stomach through the LES when it opens. It will soon close again when the food has been inside your stomach. But, sometimes the LES cannot close tightly or it will open more frequently than usual that leads stomach acids to seep into your esophagus. That causes the burning sensation around your upper belly.

There are some reasons to cause the heartburn. Commonly, it causes by overeating. The more food you consume then the more often the LES to open and close. Another thing that contributes in the occurrence of heartburn is that there is too much pressure on your belly which is commonly caused by pregnancy, obesity and constipation. Certain foods also contribute in the occurrence of discomfort and burning sensation around your stomach includes citrus fruits, coffee, caffeinated products, garlic, peppermints, tomatoes, onions, alcohol and chocolate.

How to Treat Heartburn

What does heartburn feel like will depend on the production of stomach acid in your body. The more amount of the stomach acid the more pain you will feel. There are some things you can do to treat heartburn. Commonly, to end the discomfort feeling caused by heartburn you can take antacids. For another option, you can take histamine 2 – blockers or PPIs (Proton – Pump Inhibitor).