Does Milk Help Heartburn : How Effective Is It ?

Does Milk Help Heartburn

Does Milk Help Heartburn

All know that milk is not only healthy for human body, but it can also help people to relief some health problems. But does milk help heartburn? Does it effective?

Does Milk Help to Relief Heartburn?

Does milk help heartburn? Well, the answer of the question will rely on some things. People in the past tend to believe that heartburn can be relieved by consuming milk. But is it true? The answer is yes.

The reason is because that milk can work to cover your stomach and esophagus allows your digestive organs to have temporary relief of the acid reflux. But, though it can help you to relieve the heartburn, but it can only work for temporary period. The liquid cannot be used to remedy acid reflux for long term of period. Otherwise the milk you consume can make your heartburn symptoms become worse than before. There are some reasons why it could be happen. The first thing you should understand that heartburn can occur because of acid irritation in stomach and esophagus. When you swallow your food the LES (Lower Esophagus Sphincter) opens and then close again to help your stomach keeps the acids remain in their place. But when the work of LES reduces then the acid reflux happens.

The calcium, protein and reflux contain in the milk you consume can trigger the increasing of acid in your stomach. That will make your LES function is weaken so that acid reflux will occur. So, if you have chronic heartburn, you are suggested to not consume milk just before you go to bed. It will be better if you fast and eat nothing 2 or 3 hours before you go to sleep in order to lower stomach acid at night.  Not only milk, most dairy products can also contribute in the occurrence of acid reflux. This is true that in some cases, several dairy products such as yoghurt, buttermilk and kefir can help your body to increase good bacteria to help your digestive system. But, consuming milk should be avoided if you have worse heartburn symptoms.

How Can Milk Increase Acid Reflux?

There are some ways in which milk can increase the acid inside your stomach.

  1. Fatty food you consume can weaken the work of LES so that the acid reflux will increase in turn.
  2. Pressure that occurs in LES can led it to weaken and then stomach acid increases. Consuming a glass of milk can increase the volume of intake food which will cause the pressure on the LES.
  3. If you are intolerant with lactose, the milk you drink will add pressure on LES and the stomach acid will soon increase.
  4. Additional acid is needed to break some substances in milk, so that drinking the liquid will add more acid to your stomach.

So, does milk help heartburn? You will be the one to know about the answer. If you think that heartburn symptoms you suffer are light enough, the answer is yes. But if you think you have chronic symptoms of heartburn, then the answer should be “no.”