Funny Baby Videos – Hilarious and Cute

Everyone loves babies. They are so comical and fun to watch. Capturing some of their antic on video has become a favorite past time. Funny baby videos are shown by the media all over the place.

Home Videos

Everyone that has a video camera and a kid has some funny videos. Catching the baby doing something funny and capturing on video has really become an obsession with Americans. These videos are passed around at family gatherings, posted on the World Wide Web for everyone to enjoy and shared with anyone willing to take a peek. They just seem to lighten up everyone’s mood. Home videos of funny babies are often brought out at birthday parties and wedding to showcase the silliness of the adult birthday person or the bride or the groom. It has become a favorite activity to show off an adult child’s funny videos when the adult child is preparing to have their own child. Usually, it is quite embarrassing to the adult child but does not keep family members from showing it.

On Television

There is an entire show on TV that is dedicated to funny home videos. Half of the videos that are submitted contain funny babies. They are so entertaining that they usually make it into the top ten videos on the show. These videos usually show the baby in the midst of some quirky behavior that just is so funny it has to be shared. A lot of people really enjoy watching the segments that involve the funny baby. A funny baby usually gets very high ratings from TV viewers and audience members and usually winds up winning the cash prize offered by the show for the funniest video submitted.

The Internet

A lot of folks will post their video on the World Wide Web, where it takes on a life of its own. The act may simply be done to share the video with friends and family and it winds up getting millions of hit’s a day because it is so funny and complete strangers enjoy watching it. A funny baby video can wind up with almost a cult following, and becomes open to critics opinions. There was recently outrage over a video that was posted by a well known actor where the child used strong language in the video some people were very offended by this, of course the video was posted on the internet where many people have access to it. There was talk of charges by the department of social services against the parent.

A funny baby video is a great way to be entertained. It is also a great way to be embarrassed and could have repercussions.LDA