Get to Know What’s Good for Heartburn

What's Good For Heartburn

What’s Good For Heartburn

Heartburn is commonly easy to relief. But sometimes doctor’s prescription is needed. If you prefer to have home remedies, here is what’s good for heartburn that you need to know.

Why Choosing Home Remedies?

More studies conducted now to find the side effects of chemical medications for your health. In one side, the medicine can help you treat your disease but in the other side it often damages the other vital organs in your body. There are many cases occur in which the chemical medications that people take lead them to have another serious health problems. Thus, more people now turn their head into natural remedies.

So, what’s good for heartburn? Using medical herbal to treat heartburn is very practical and easy to do. Most of the natural ingredients are easy to find. You can even find them in your kitchen or your backyard garden. Moreover, if you have frequent acid reflux strikes, it will be very useful to keep the ingredients in your kitchen. Unlike the chemical medications often prescribed by your doctor, the natural materials are relatively safer and do not harmful side effects to your body.

Home Remedies for Heartburn Treatment

There are some natural ingredients can be used for treating your heartburn. Not only help you to relieve acid reflux but they are also very useful to optimize the work of your digestive system. The ingredients will also lower the pressure occur in your stomach.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The first natural material to help you reduce your acid reflux symptom is apple cider vinegar. You can easily find the products in store. Producing homemade apple vinegar is also possible and easy to do.

In treating the disease symptoms, you are suggested to pick up the one made of natural fermentation with organic and raw apple. This is because the natural fermentation will not remove the “mother of apple” in the fermentation process. You can easily find the “mother of apple” in the lowest part of the apple vinegar bottle. This is the one you can’t find in the non – natural apple fermentation, such as pasteurized apple cider vinegar. Take a quarter cup of water and then put 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in it. Drink the mixture for about 5 times to relief the pain.

  1. Lemon Juice

The second natural ingredient you can try is lemon juice. With 2 pH contained in the lemon juice, the material is much stronger in acid if compared to apple cider vinegar. The vitamin C contained in the juice is very useful to relief pain caused by heartburn. Pick up one organic lemon and make juice with it. Mix the juice with ¼ cup of plain water to reduce the sharp and sour taste of the lemon juice. You can also add honey in the mixture.

What’s good for heartburn will depend on your preference. Though the home remedies are considered better due to the fewer side effects caused, but you better see your doctor soon to get professional help if the symptoms do not relief after the natural treatment.