Guide to Choose Short Sleeve Jean Jacket Plus-Size

Short sleeve jean jacket plus-size is a proof that denim jacket will be never out of style. But you should know that how you wear your denim jacket should be changed when the season is changing too. For example, there will be a time when you can pair your denim jacket with other denim outfit or maybe leather pants and many more.

And in this article, we are going to give you some tips to choose the best denim jacket each season and the good pair for your denim jacket. Each choice would make different approach.

Color does matter

As we all know that denim is available in various options of color and wash. It is important to find the one that will flatter you. Since the faded and lighter denim will not be suitable for everyone, you may want to take a look at other options.

If your hair is dark then you better go with denim with dark wash or the bright one but not muted and faded.

But if your hair is blonde then you mid-tone wash denim will look good on you. And if your blonde hair is darker with deeper color on the roots then you can try the darker wash instead.

When you are a redhead then any tone and wash will suit you but it also depends on how deep your redhead is.

However, this is just a basic guide.

Follow your own style

Sometimes you may find that the problem is not on the denim jacket. Sometimes this is just not the perfect style for you since each person has different body shape. You need to look at the level of your hipbone. This is the point to balance your look because if you choose the wrong style then it will be out of proportion.

Completing the outfit with the denim

If your outer is foundational of has volume due to the layers then it will be good to wear a slim pants or skirt. But if the denim is shorter then trouser with wider leg or a simple A-line skirt will work really well.

It is not recommended to pair a volume jacket and wide bottom unless you are very slim and very tall as well. It will sink you down into the fabric and you will look bigger than you really are.

Be creative

Do you know if nowadays you can pair your denim jacket with other denim? Well, you definitely can do that as long as you keep the difference between the weights and the washes.

So, you can mix a denim jean in dark hue with denim shirt in lighter color. The combination of denim jacket in white and denim jeans in any wash blue will work really well as well. You can also try to combine animal print shirt with denim. It looks great.

Do not overdo the combination by putting other denim accessories. And you can wear tank top with animal print and pair it with short sleeve jean jacket plus-size.

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