National Car Rentals Service Review

National Car Rentals is a company that was formed when 24 independent car rental operators decided to bring together their fleet of over 800 vehicles. This grand car rental company has been operating since 1947 and today enjoys a position on top of the car rental industry.

Over the years National Car Rentals have become the leader in the industry. They were adamant from the start to improve the car rental experience for their customers. They are regarded as the pioneers for starting the one-way rental service. This allowed the customers to rent a car from one location and drop it off in another.

Today National has highly developed offices in many different regions catering to the needs of the public. The company is also regarded as the first to computerize the reservation operations in the car rental industry. The company also started the practice of offering flat rates to leisure travelers which worked to benefit both the parties. With the unyielding growth that the company has experienced it has established a very strong brand identity in its industry. The company is not only known for its high-quality services to leisure travelers but is also regarded as the first to offer innovative packages to the corporate traveler as well.

They capitalized on the industry by coming up with regular schemes for their customers. The Emerald Club was developed to honor the frequent customers. They also initiated the Paperless Express Rental Agreement that made the whole process of renting out a car much faster. This process would use the data that has already been saved in the computer system. Corporate travelers with little time to spare really benefitted from this service.

Further innovations like the Emerald Aisle service also enhanced the value of the company. This allowed the customers to make a choice of the car they want to rent while they were on their way without having to fill any paper work. This meant that the customers could end up with the car without having to deal at the counter.

With the choice rental process, National started offering every customer the freedom to choose their own vehicle. As the number of small business owners continued to increase the company expanded its services to offer maximum convenience to infrequent corporate travelers as well. This brought the company even further customer loyalty.

National has capitalized on the changing trends by coming up with different schemes that would work to the benefit of the customers. This is the reason why it has managed to remain on the top since its inception. Today the company is regarded as the top player in both business and leisure travel.

The company stands as one of the largest car rental organizations in the world today. It serves almost all the popular domestic as well as international destinations and has a network of more than 2000 locations in Canada, USA, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia Pacific and Australia.

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