Sightseeing Areas in Bekasi That Should Be Visited

Pulau Seribu is best island on Kepulauan seribu, but As a satellite city from Jakarta, Bekasi can be said to be not busy with the capital city. Bekasi is truly synonymous with the existence of an industrial factory which makes it one of the overseas destinations for people from all over Indonesia. In 2010, the population of Bekasi recorded 2 million people. The population that is relatively dense in terms of this matter also influences the congestion of highways which leads to congestion and the density of residential areas.

But, make no mistake, Bekasi is not only always synonymous with congestion and the density of industrial areas. In this Patriot City, you can even find a number of vacation pulling forces that can be a tired release on weekends and sightseeing seasons. Well, for those of you who hope to travel, there are recommendations for 15 holiday areas in Bekasi that must be included in your vacation plan. For more details, see the following full review.

1. Gedung Juang 45

Bekasi is one of the cities that witnesses the history of the Indonesian sacrifice in seizing independence. The sacrifice of the people of Bekasi is thus perpetuated at Gedung Juang 45. The historical buildings that are now used as this library were formerly government offices during the Dutch and Japanese occupations. When TNI forces successfully conquered Japan, Gedung Juang was successfully taken over.

The Juang 45 Building was built in 1901 with the concept of European and Indonesian architecture. While it is really old, the Juang 45 Building is still able to present the nuances of beautiful and quite interesting artdeco architecture produced as an object of photography.

If the weight is to explore the architectural aesthetics of the holiday area in Bekasi, you can visit it on Jalan Sultan Hasanudin 5, Tambun Selatan. Visitors only need to pay an entrance ticket for IDR 2,000 for the building area of ​​Gedung Juang 45 which is open from 08:00 to 15:00.

2. Saung Ranggon

In the midst of the flow of modernity, Bekasi consistently has one special area which is inhabited by buildings around 500 years old. Saung Ranggon is one of the prima donna in the holiday area in Bekasi that still exists until this time. The cultural reserve zone of Saung Ranggon is in a residential area, precisely in Cikedokan Village, West Cikarang, which can be easily reached by vehicles.

Based on legend, Saung Ranggon was built by Prince Rangga in the 16th century. Prince Rangga himself was an immediate descendant of Prince Jayakarta. At the beginning of its construction, Saung Ranggon was used as an area to put the harvest of the local people. Now, a building in the form of a stage house made of wood, this is transformed as a historical holiday destination to praise Bekasi residents, just enjoying Pulau Seribu jakarta.

3. Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park

Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park (TBIJ) can be an attractive holiday area in Bekasi for those of you who hope to see immediately various species of this spooky reptile animal. TBIJ is located on Jalan Raya Serang-Cibarusah Kilometer 3, Serang Baru, Bekasi. In this breeding area there are at least 500 species of crocodiles which consist of long snout Borneo crocodiles, Sumatran estuarine crocodiles, Irian crocodiles, and albino crocodiles. Such crocodiles often show skill at attractions with crocodile handlers.

Except for crocodiles, TBIJ is also home to a number of snake species which are also often included in extreme attractions with crocodiles. At TBIJ, the oldest crocodile is around 55 years old, although the youngest is only 10 years old. To be able to see immediately the various crocodile collections at TBIJ, adult visitors are required to pay admission tickets for IDR 20,000 and IDR 10,000 for the little ones over the age of three. TBIJ is opened every day at 09:45 to 16:00.

4. Kemang Pratama Deer Park

Kemang Pratama is actually a housing zone located in Rawalumbu, Bekasi. The existence of a deer park in a housing zone, such things seem to attract the attention of residents from outside housing. As a result, Kemang Pratama Deer Park was even more crowded and was instead produced as a vacation area option in Bekasi for residents of Bekasi and surrounding areas.

Kemang Pratama housing residents and local residents often use this park as a jogging, picnic area, or just walking around in the morning and evening. Visitors can relax in the Kemang Pratama Deer Park zone without being charged a fee.

5. Venetian Water Carnaval

Bekasi also has a classic and unique Venetian city holiday themed holiday facility. Venetian Water Carnaval is a waterpark zone located at Villa Mutiara Gading 2 Housing, Jalan Karangsatria Blok D2 Number 1-2, Tambun Utara, Bekasi.

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