Symptoms Of Depression In Teens

Symptoms Of Depression In Teens

At the time of the search for identity, a lot of the things that initially does not seem of teens become visible in the presence of his parents and the surrounding environment. A change in attitude is often found within them. Initially close to the family and tend to be open, slowly upholding privacy. Quarrels between teens and parents had become almost inevitable.

It is not unusual when teens start to recognize love and dating since sitting on the bench of the school or campus. Various moments during their romantic relationship any plural weaves are found. This is part of a person’s growth phase, so the assumption many people.

However, it became not uncommon when related events an adolescent romance began to interfere with daily activities, or even further to make it short, depression makes sense until it finally decided to complete her life.

Busakorn, a girl of 19 years in Thailand was found dead after hanging himself in his apartment. On January 31, 2017, Malaysian Digest wrote the suicide phenomenon Busakorn slightly different from previous teen suicide occurs because the girl leaving a series of wills, addressed to the owner of the apartment that he lived, Granny, and ex-girlfriend. At the beginning of a letter to a former girlfriend, Mind, Busakorn stated that he love her very much and could not find his successor.

“Do what I say or I’ll haunt thee every night throughout your life. When I die, you should come to my funeral, “the contents of the letter to the Busakorn Mind. “You have to wear black jerseys with our photo printed on it which ever I give it, staying in my place, at least on the first day and the last funeral rites. You should also make a video of myself and upload it on my Facebook account. You have to do it. You also must enter a song ‘ The Last Thing of You that I own ‘ in that video. ”

The worst consequence of a depression experienced by anyone is the desire to commit suicide. Many studies that have examined about the trend of teenagers to commit suicide when it cannot solve the problem. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced in November 2016 earlier that based on data for the year 2014, the rate of suicide in teenagers ages 10-14 years rising to the number able to rival the number of teen deaths due to traffic accidents.

Recognize the Signs of depression in Teens

When you see a teenager suddenly changed mien or frequent crying, people often ignore this and assumes his as the impact of hormonal development, one of which effect on mood. The site of Newport Academy citing the Nemours Foundation which States that most mood swings in teenagers is the impact of fluctuations in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

This hormone is the third sex hormones that trigger the interest of a person with other people. Adolescents become so interested in sex, even tends to obsess. On young women who recently experienced menstruation, emotional explosiveness often found and associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). This kind of CAP that ultimately makes people miss learn more what actually is being experienced by adolescents, who very probably also is a symptom of depression.

In Helpguide website listed several symptoms of depression experienced by teenagers. The most common things found is feeling sad and hopeless. Irritability and often crying into other symptoms which are often found within them. Depression in teens is also causing their declining performance in school, changing appetite and habit of sleeping, and difficulty concentrating.

In addition, any teenager feels less enthusiastic and motivated through day and often interrupted the pain and fatigue is not reasoned. The last symptom is the most dangerous risk is the emergence of a desire to commit suicide.HS

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