Tips for Memorable Wedding Ceremony

Getting married on the beach might prove to be a real puzzle, but if you focus on the basics, the marriage you always dream of can be achieved easily. Today, we answer the most frequent doubts of brides who have a true desire to get married in this environment.
Getting married on the beach continues to be a trend followed by many couples who want to exchange oaths to inspire the sea breeze, with waves and the sea as the soundtrack and blue sky as a background. Thus, simple and unpretentious, the wedding ceremony takes place at

the beach is becoming increasingly sought after, and consequently more demanding and, at the same time, elegant and magical. This is what you need to know.

Is it permissible to marry on the beach?

Because the beach matches the space, the bride must have a license that gives them permission to carry out the link here, whether it is a religious or civil ceremony.

If the couple’s favorite beach, where they want to accept their friends and family to celebrate the love that unites them, according to the wild beach without any type of concession, the process can be a little more complicated. For this purpose, the bride must apply for a license to the Capitania Regional – the entity responsible for the Portuguese coastline.

This is an extraordinary day in the lives of those involved, so the groom and the bride, for the most part, are very ambitious to make your wedding unique and impressive for everyone. For this, they chose for a very complicated and unforgettable ceremony, which included fireworks and bonfires. If this is your intention, you must submit another type of license, which is presented by the parish council. The date in this field corresponds to a very important aspect, so it is recommended that the bride deal with all these bureaucracy at least 30 days before.

Is the shower season the right time to get married?

According to experts – wedding planners – it is highly recommended for brides to avoid beach weddings (with or without concessions) during the bathing season and especially on weekends. Because they are about public space, it is normal that beaches are crowded at the moment.

What alternatives are there?

Sometimes the license requested by the bride is rejected, so alternatives are always accepted. Thus, couples can choose to hold their civil marriages in private spaces that hold concessions on the beach. This is in accordance with an option that allows “husband and wife” to save time and money. So, if they choose to be a restaurant or beach bar as your wedding here will loosen up, new questions will be solved automatically: infrastructure. As such, they can enjoy the enclosed space, catering and the kitchen itself space that will receive your marriage, while avoiding all the logistics that can prove somewhat doable. Like marriage, ceremonies on the beach require plan B. To avoid some complications that may come from the whole organization, there are some decisions and aspects that the bride cannot ignore. So, weddings on the beach are small, even because they become more complicated to plan when the number of guests exceeds 50 people.

For this type of marriage in particular, there is an ideal day and is most recommended: late in the evening because it matches the phase after the peak of summer and the time before the fresh sea breeze that attacks the environment at dusk. Besides that, sunset is one of the most romantic aspects.

If you plan a ceremony on the beach, also consider weather conditions and think further so you are not caught. So they must think strategically and prepare for all possibilities. Do not limit yourself only to the possibility of rain and temperature. Also pay special attention to highs and lows.

Main tips: Create and have a plan B if your dream day becomes a rainy day.

How to decorate?

Every wedding on the beach must be minimal and simple, but never ignore elegance. In fact, all natural settings contribute to unique and extraordinary decorations, only asking for some strategic details that will add a special touch and personality to this day. The most important thing is to maintain thematic coherence and create perfect harmony between natural colors: dark blue, gold and white tones.