Tips for Using Makeup for Blacks

There are no women who can refuse make-up, right? However, before leaving the entire face painting, you should know that each has a different skin type and it must be remembered when choosing the perfect makeup shades and colors for day to day. Black is one that deserves special attention when making make. This is because the skin is more oily and tends to have more spots, because of higher melanin concentrations. It is very important to find the right color to improve skin features, without leaving them with an orange or gray appearance. The Perfect Makeup for black skin brings all the charming shine and striking colors to further enhance the beauty of black. Learn to care for blacks and do strong makeup reading this article to the end. How to choose makeup for blacks?

This is the most important part when choosing the perfect make. Investing in a good concealer, solid foundation and powder is very important to get good makeup, be it for special events or for days to days, anytime of the day. Then choose colors with bright and bright colors, blusher, lipstick, among other products to enhance beauty and brighten black skin, complete the look and make the woman more beautiful.

Check below for tips on choosing the right product for blacks:

1. Black skin

The first thing to think about when choosing the ideal base is to find out your skin type – whether it is oily or dry. If the skin is oily, yes I need to avoid liquid bases or sticks, because they can increase oil production on the face.

In relation to color, you should always follow the color of your skin, test it on the face itself – especially on the forehead – or on the neck and shoulders, which is the point that most “speaks” to each other when doing makeup. Invest in shades with gold or bronze tone micropigments.

The basic texture (matte, liquid, powder, satin) will depend on each skin type, but the important thing is to prepare the skin beforehand with moisturizer and primer to avoid grayish appearance and accumulation of products in the fine lines of the face.

2. Concealer for black skin

In general, the most commonly used concealer for black makeup is orange. However, the ideal color must be chosen according to the color of each skin, in particular. To hide imperfections, the normal criteria for selection of corrections are used: yellow, to cover dark circles and blemishes, green to cover acne or acne scars, lilac, to disguise imperfections brown or yellow-orange.

3. Pressed powder for black skin

The strategy for choosing the best solid powder for blacks is the same as for the base. Bet on your skin color to ensure beautiful make-up Test the previous product on the face itself or on the neck and shoulders.

4. Blush for black skin

By having all the natural luster, black values ??are even more beautiful. Invest in dark brown and brown-brown colors, ideal for making daytime, and burnt roses and terracotta, which provide healthy air for blacks. However, the color of wine looks beautiful on this type

5. Illuminator for blacks

The ideal illuminator for blacks must vary in brown shades or twice as bright as skin color. However, those who have an attractive shine from bronze to gold also make makeup more beautiful on blacks. Another alternative is to look for illuminators with a slightly grayish or greenish background.

6. Shadows for blacks

The most suitable colors for making beautiful make on black women are darker colors, such as copper, brown, gold, black and navy blue. However, the color of the coral, as well as purple and purple, also gives perfect makeup. The key is knowing how to match colors to the tone of your skin. Although white, gray, red and green are not indicated for blacks, it is very valuable. It is important to invest in bold makeup if you know how to combine tones.

7. Lipstick for black skin

When it comes to choosing the ideal lipstick to complete the make, you need to think about what colors match your skin color and what effect you want to give to your mouth. Cherries and grapes, for example, look beautiful on black skin, but increase lip volume. On the other hand, colors that are less bright, like pink and nude are opaque, also look good and provide a natural look for make-up.

8. Eyelash masks for blacks

They really welcome makeup for blacks. Black – the most common among the masks – falls very well in black women, because they increase the eyes more. Abuse the mask on the lashes, especially in the corners of the eyes to give a feeling of more volume.

9. Black Eyeliner

Eyeliner is very important to mark the appearance, especially if it is uniformed with striking colors and a good eyelash mask. In general, black looks good on makeup, but blue and eggplant enhance the beauty of blacks.

10. Baby Cream for black skin

Baby cream is most commonly used on difficult days, when you don’t have time to make makeup. The ideal color is the color that best suits your skin. It’s practical, moisturizes and flattens skin tone, that is, it has all the functions of the products listed above in one.

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