Types of Bookcases

There are 5 most important types or kinds of libraries. Under the four main categories that most styles different shelves that might suit your space. Each type comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes allows you the certainty that you will find something that suits your taste and décor of a home or 0ffice today.
Three main types of Bookshelf are:

1. Library Barrister

Works best in large rooms, because they take up a lot of space. Have sliding glass doors from the chassis to protect books and the shelves are designed to accommodate large items ups. Types of libraries would be suitable for people who collect old books as stored books are protected in the event of glass.

2. Modular Bookcase 

Good for all types of rooms. They come in sets that can be stacked to create a library that will use the wall space, or can be drawn along or across the room to make use of the floor space. They can also be separated so that each unit is a library. This feature allows them to be used as a library as well as serving as a beauty for the space. So the library can be said to be multifunctional. They come in various shapes and sizes from the traditional contemporary triangle box.

3. Leaning Bookcase

Open stimulus to the contrast of the wall adds visual interest. Leaning library generally have “A’s” frame that tapers from bottom. Why is ‘ A’s “leaning bookcase frames can be visualized as a library corner. They provide a good use of space and because the back wall gave them open will also provide aesthetic.

4. Shelf Bookcase

Finally the most common type is a term of “bookshelf shelf bookcase ” or “” take the shelves with the cue. True to its name, it is basically a set of shelves to accommodate various sizes of books and libraries can be supported or open-closed. The most common are 2 shelves, shelf-3 and 4-shelf bookcase in office or library.

5. Floating Bookcase

Books need to be given pride of place, but in small flats space can be an issue. Guess the only solution is to create the feeling of space, while at the same time, cramming rooms with as many books as possible.

If you are stuck in bookcase ideas, you might look at this blog. Full of pictures of bookcase for your inspiration of DIY project or before visiting nearest bookcase store. [NP]