What Helps Heartburn: What You Can Do to Treat It

What Helps Heartburn

What Helps Heartburn

Heartburn is something common to happen. Though it’s mostly not dangerous but it can be harmful for your health. Find out more about what helps heartburn to recover fast here.

What Is Heartburn: Causes and Symptom

Heartburn is discomfort feeling along with burning sensation which commonly occurs in the upper part of your stomach. There are some common things that can cause heartburn to happen. Most of time it happens due to the increasing of stomach acid that is caused by certain foods you consume such as citrus fruits, alcohol, peppermint, onion, garlic, coffee and much more. People lifestyle such as lack of exercise, obesity, smoking and diet also contribute in the heartburn’s occurrence. This acid reflux can be happen to everyone from all ages. Occasional acid reflux is considered normal and harmless but the more frequent heartburn can indicate the more serious health problems that you might have. There are some symptoms that often come along with the acid reflux and the primary one is burning sensation you feel around your chest or throat. Sometimes, the sufferers will also feel pain that rises up to the jaw. Most of time, the sufferers will also experience foul, that is acid taste in mouth because of the increasing of stomach acid.

Simple Treatment for Acid Reflux Relief

So, what helps heartburn so that it can at least reduce the uncomfortable feeling because of that? Find the answer below.

1. Raising Your Head of the Bed

One thing you should know is that the gravity helps to keep your stomach acids remain in their place inside your stomach. In order to raise gravity on your bed, you can manage to raise the head of your bed. First of all, you can put blocks under your bedpost to help you raise your bed 6 up to 8 inches. Just keep in mind to not using pillow since it is less effective to reduce the acid flux symptoms.

2. Using Herbal

If you don’t like to consume medicine from doctor’s prescriptions, you can try to use herbal. There are some herbs that can help you to reduce the symptoms of heartburn such as chamomile, licorice, marshmallow and slippery elm. But make sure that you consult your doctor first before consuming one of the herbals to avoid any side effect might occur.

3. Consuming Chemical Medicine

Sometimes, the heartburn can recover by itself. But, if it is getting worse you can consult your doctor to get professional advice. Most of time, doctors will suggest you to take antacids. For some cases they will recommend you to take some other acid reducers such as ranitidine and famotidine. Acid blockers such as omeprazole are lansoprazole are also often prescribed by professional.

4. Losing Weight

Obesity is one of the causes of heartburn. So, if you have obesity and often experience acid reflux, the best thing you can do to reduce the symptoms is by losing your weight. Conducting a certain diet program is suggested for you. It will also better if you do more exercises to help you relief the symptoms.

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